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Five Apps Take Place of TikTok, However, it Faces Low-Level Content Issues In India.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In the last few lockdown days TikTok downloads very fast, Chinese internet covered wide areas through this TikTok short video platform. In Coronavirus pandemic all have to stay indoors, but nowadays TikTok coverage top social media engagement in a couple of days back.

Indeed, in those days TikTok was the most downloaded app across iOS and Android as compared by WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat so on, No doubt TikTok in 2019 topped installs App. Even in mid of 2019, the short films video creation app has reached from 1.5 billion to over 2 billion downloads. In this queue India has the big reach driver of TikTok installs and completing 611 million fulltime downloads, it’s a third of app’s overall downloads.

Recently, in a couple of days back, users annoyed and taking objection against the content promoted in the context of attacks, rapes, forcing violence against animals, due to this Indian also trending #TiktokBan, #TikTokExposed, #BlockTikTok on social media.

  • Mitron- This is a clone of TikTok and launched by IIT-Roorkee Student Shivani Agrawal, right now it has more than 5 million users installs within 5 months. Fortunately, this welcome time when TikTok’s store rating has gone down to 2.3. This rating shown users reacting against TikTok content. Mitron was launched in April 2020 and its only 8.03MB in size. Presently it is just for android users.

  • Bolo Indya- Bolo Indya is a native short film creation, invention, and discussion-based app founded by Gurgaon agency. Recently this app has eight Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati. The app can create and consume short videos for 70 seconds.

  • Tangi App- At the starting of 2020 Google had launched short filmmaker app Tangi. This app covered inspired sections. The aim of this app is mainly to boost the passion and the interest of the audience by learning new things every day and connecting with various communities. It likens TikTok's short-video format with Instagram's features. It is vertically-oriented as on TikTok and Instagram post and IGTV. Coco mao Team generate Tangi, Tangi has 60-second videos to help you to try various type of new creation. It helps you to build a community with fans.

  • Dubsmash- Dubsmash is a kind of OLD music app launched before TikTok. Dubsmash availability for both Android and iOS devices. This is free of cost app and allows users for lip-matching with loaded popular dialogues of TV shows and many movies. You can customize the clip by adding music, lyrics, and wide sounds.

  • Funimate- Funimate allows users to make slow-motion videos, merge videos clips, make an effective video, looping videos many others. It is also free of cost app with the availability of both Android and iOS devices.

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