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Indians want to #BoycottNetflix after Offering web Series "Krishna and his Leela".

Indians shouting on offering the web series "Krishna and his Leela" in this male character and his named Krishna having sexual scenes with many women and one of them named is Radha. so many Indians took and tweets against Netflix and it is in trend, this is just the reason behind it COVID19 empty the theaters and people want and make a enjoy in life using an OTT Platforms for huge of entertainment.

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However, new web series offering by Netflix "Krishna And his Radha" in Telugu. it becomes a reason netizens unhappy with this and it deep hurt to Indians sentiments. In this showing the physical romantic encounters with women.

The female Main lead character "Radha" and male "Krishna" have to get involved in relevance, so many peoples calling it disgusting on social media and shouting against Netflix. So people also tweet against "Anushka Sharma" because she was doing tweets and promoting to this web series by her handler.

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One of them twitter use saying "Series after series anti-Hindu content is on #netflix do they have guts to abuse Islamist same way.. can someone drag them to a court or all warriors are busy with youtube FB talks #BoycottNetflix" and another user "Netflix Series "Krishna & His Leela" showing Krishna having sexual affairs with many women & one of them named Radha.

This time Netflix & @AnushkaSharma do it together after her series #Patallok Hopefully Anushka will get Padmashri as a reward like Ekta Kapoor. #BoycottNetflix.

In this playing a lead role film star Jonnalagadda, Seerat Kapoor, Shalini. this film Directed by Ravikanth and produced by Suresh Productions. it is streaming on Netflix.

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