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iOS 14: Features, release date you need to Know

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Apple is finally launching advanced features with new technology.

There is a list of features which you can get and read, iPhone to the latest version of iOS 14

Get New Home Screen with App Library Apple is finally changing their home screen in this you will be able to remove unnecessary apps and clear you are all screen data. App Library automatic collage apps together into big folders that will show you in your most recently used apps. You can also search and favorite to it with a search box at the front of the top. Folders will also be organized by categories like- fitness, movies, Banking, etc.

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Add new widgets on Today's view in your Screen.

iOS 14 provides you a collection of widgets on your home screen these are full-width boxes on today's screen these widgets will having a lot of information and grape of new sizes. You can drag to all of these widgets into their home screen.

New Upgraded Siri Interface-

Finally, Siri also updated in iOS 14, now when you will trigger in iOS 14 Siri it will be displayed on the bottom of your home screen, many of the results will show as a notification at the top of the screen.

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iOS 14 Messages Improvement

iOS has a featured pin-up of the conversations, keeping the nine of them at the top of your Messages folder. That is the option of relief or unnecessary messages.

Picture in Picture mode-

Now, this feature is also available in iOS 14 when you are watching a video or need to talk on video con calls, you can swipe it down and back to use your phone on other works.

iOS 14 has Mini-Apps using App Clips

Apple has a feature of an application so-called App Clips. These all micro apps you can use without installing, sign in.

iOS Developer creates App Clips when they make their apps they are trying and sure the size is 10MB so it is easy and quick to use. No need to collect more apps, sign in, and create accounts of the bulk of applications.

Manage Your Incoming Calls

In this iOS 14 has many of the features that used to compact to your entire screen like in phone call pop-ups will be appearing at a calling time. Same as the picture in picture mode.

iOS 14 More Memoji Updates.

iOS 14 has an adding a lot of Memoji and with this option to express yourself. There are new styles like hairstyles, headwear, face coverings and different range of ages.

iOS 14 Maps Improvements

This feature is very helpful for your tour and travel, in iOS 14 Maps will show you electric vehicle routing. Maps will show you red light cameras, congestion routes in surrounding of you.

iOS 14 Translate Application

iOS 14 has pre-build Translate App, you need just pick two languages and put earphones in your ears and will listen to your voice and text and translate it in front of you. In this, you can use many of the languages within offline mode also.

iOS 14 Car Keys

Apple has an advanced version of digital car keys to your iOS 14 Phones. In this you can use NFC to unlock your car and start it; you can also share with some limited digital keys through message. You can remove it from your phone.

Air Pods in iOS 14

If you are fond of air pods than this feature is very useful for you, in this, air pods will automatically switch from your Apple devices. Apple is motion detected to analyze the movement of your head of your portable device.

The Released date of iOS 14 Right now there is not an official release date for iOS 14, it may be later of this year. Or it might be in September.

This is the little late the usual launching time due to COVID -19 diseases.

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