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Say NO to China - Boycott Chinese Products

Today critical situations being raised so need to say BYE China, China is crossing their limits. China is dominating us; we are relying on Chinese products on a daily basis. Chinese tries to become smart, Chinese propaganda to making us habitual for using their goods. We are doing well, as they wanted if you can’t believe it? Take a little look at the below comparison. There are a few examples:

There is a lot of patriotism in China. They are continuously supporting his Individuals and Corporatism. There are many more examples of how we are surrounded by Chinese products… We are continuously using

  1. Electronic Goods

  2. Machinery

  3. Organic Chemicals

  4. Iron and Steel

  5. Transport Equipment’s

  6. Medical Pharma Products

  7. Textile and Yarn Fabric and so on.

Now it is not the only responsibility of our Government and Army, who are fighting on the borders. It is the responsibility of every country citizen to bring their Local Business to Up and make them Global Business. It is very important for the peoples of the country to be united. Everyone will get benefit if the country's citizens are happy. So we need to boycott Chinese products and fall the Chinese sharpness. Read More- 5 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2020-2021

One little and a great story for you-

Major Dyan Chand was an Indian hockey player and one of the greatest hockey players in the history of the sport. In 1936, hockey final Olympics between Germany and India. Major Dayan Chand was playing for India and India Won the match. At that time, Adolf Hitler went back home and called the Major Dyan Chand to his house in the evening and asked what you do besides hockey. Major Dyan Chand said I am a small Soldier in the Indian Army. At the same time, Hitler offered him to get admitted to the Germany hockey team today and I will make you Airfield Marshal today itself. You are only a small governor in your country and your country will not give you anything and nobody asks you. The Soldier replied fearlessly to Hitler that this is not the responsibility of my country to take me forward. It is my responsibility to take my country forward.

I am asking you what is your responsibility is to take your country forward. Today is a day to think, can you do something that benefits the country that will bring prosperity to the country. Everyone will get benefits if there is prosperity in the country.

Take a pledge today themselves and note down that what you want to do for your country. If you love your nation just come forward and kill Chinese smartness.

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