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Side Effects while Using Hand Sanitizer

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Today on this pandemic time, we all need this prevention liquid. However, some unwanted issues like while using these hand sanitizers hands start to be cracked and dry. Hand sanitizers have some danger skin side effects that can damage your skin if you don’t know about these diseases and harm impacts must-read- we talked the best and top professionals about the pain and use while using these hand sanitizers. 1. It can affect to produce Eczema- To Control the spread of the Coronavirus, the CDC suggesting washing hands with soap and warm water at least for 20 seconds. If at an emergency situation soaps are not available near you. So you can use it but on a daily bases, it will create risk eczema. Most signs of hand sanitizers like redness, drying, cracks, kind of blisters that may start pain and itching on skin. Dr. Nelson says “Using moisturizer; coconut oil can help to prevent these hand skin problems” apply moisturizer immediately after washing hands. It means to cover your hands from the air and all surfaces after using hand sanitizer until the hands are dry, and then apply moisturizer. Read More- CBSE 12th Result 2020 Live Updates: how to check scores online and offline

2. It can irritate Your Skin- Hand Sanitizers can create a skin allergy sign. Some time has mixed with a strong smell of alcohol. Frequent use of hand sanitizers or dryness in the skin can irritate and increase your skin infection. However, washing hands with warm water can relieve this problem and this is the best way to kill dangerous germs. Thomas says” if you cannot reduce the use of the sanitizer, use more moisturizer on the skin. Dry skin can increase skin disease problems.

3. It can spread the Hormone Problems- It is also caused by using more quantity of Hand Sanitizers can increase the skin problem.

4. Produce the Immune System- It can also weaken the immune system, it will down to you internal immunity. Read More- Is Job Search Easy In Corona Pandemic Situation?

5. It can Stop your Body Development- Hand Sanitizer fragrance has overload with some hard toxics and it can directly affect your body growth. Human development and reproduction can affect it. For that try to use Paraben-free sanitizers.

6. Skin Disorder Problem- The overuse of sanitizers can affect skin disorder disease. High volume use of sanitizers can increase the risk of infection. But soap and warm water can remove the dust and grams and pesticides it will eliminate the problem.

7. Cause of Alcohol Poisoning- As per the previous report high-level use of these hand sanitizers globally affects teenagers, many teenagers hospitalized with alcohol Poisoning while using Hand Sanitizers. So Be Aware from kids, Keep it far from children’s. Don’t drink it! Educate to all teenagers.

8. Doctors Opinion- Doctors view about using sanitizers Dr. Norris warns” Depending on using Sanitizers are very harmful to your body Best way to keep clean your hand is used warm water. You can report if you face issues while using any type of sanitizer visit and report www.fda.gov/medwatch”. Or can call on 911 immediately if you getting swallowing or any type of skin mishappening. #HandSanitizers #SkinDisease #ImmuneSystem #COVID19 #Coronavirus #SymptomsofCOVID19 #Incubationperiod #Pandemic #Quarantine #isolation #Socialdistancing #immunesystem #NovelCoronavirus #COVIDPositive #Coronapositive

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