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Why we celebrate International Day against Drug Illicit Trafficking 2020?

History of International Day against Drug Illicit Trafficking-

International Day against Drug Illicit Trafficking 2020 is in December 1987. The United Nations (UN) motive spread awareness about the harms of drugs into society. As per UNODC's more, the 200 million people are using drugs like cocaine, sedative hypnotic’s drugs. UN help to make the world drug free, So UN assembly following this day and debut on this topic worldwide, Now this year we are celebrating this day on 23rd June 2020.

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What to do on this day?

The UN office in this day launching campaigns for drug control. The UNDOC teams up with many support organizations and encourages the peoples and aware of the harmful impacts of drugs. Many of the countries and religious organizations working against drugs and create permanent campaigns help to drug-addicted- for example, Dera Sacha Sauda is a big and motivated organization and working forcefully against drugs.

Importance of the International Day against Drug Day- This day is used to visualize the hazards and dangerous effects on humans. This expresses how to deal with it. And dropped awareness about this danger pandemic. The goal of this day is to strengthen unity activity and the importance of the cooperation of society. We know our Government never controls cultivation and the productivity of drugs. So directly the Government has more responsibility to tackle this disease. As well as our society is playing a more effective role to highlight is pandemic.

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Effect of the International Day against Drug Day-

As per action taken by many of the organizations on this day results would become under in control. But at a very low level, a uses and population rating. This is the day to encouraged the youths to take valuable actions to spread the harmful results of this evil.




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