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World Population Day 2020

World population day was launched by the United Nations Development program. The reason behind its launching spreading the correct awareness about Global population crises. It will explain and aware of the issues regarding population increase including human rights, education needs, poverty, gender differences, family planning.

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Main Issues with beyond population count-need to understand why population day is important and need to get to know about the base to the establishment of this day. Why Human overpopulation issues are vital? Get to know because of destroying breathe air, not drinkable water, food problems and so on.

Why overpopulation occurred the main reason behind it is less awareness of increasing birth ratio another reason is increases migration counting, low mortality rates.

How to celebrate World Population Day

For this everyone needs to make sure about the family planning schedule taken it very clear and important. We can see many of the places uncontrolled hikes of the population due to the lack of birth control awareness, education, and poverty.

So this is a day to put it in everyone's minds about the many issues and raise awareness to solve this problem need to spread the right content through social media. Read More-World’s First 24-hour Digital Olympic Day

The second way to celebrate World Population Day is to spread the problems and raise awareness. You can write your blog if you want to spread the right information and raise awareness about population issues and the steps on how to control and manage. Make a family planning like “We one Our one” slogan needs to shoot overall the world. It means to give a ONE baby birth no difference between boy and girl. So make sure you share this slogan with your friends, family, followers, and your target audience.

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