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World’s First 24-hour Digital Olympic Day

Olympic Day is the world’s best and largest workout game, this year Olympic Day takes place in Digital Olympic Day on Tuesday 23 June 2020, it would celebrate by all over the world on the live stream. Everyone can join it!

Digital Olympic Day’s main motive exposes inspiration and boosts motivation by sports games, during this critical time and create a refreshing environment during this lockdown.

Before getting to know more about Digital Olympic Day needful stuff is the background of Olympic Day.

Here tracing the earlier Olympic Day back to history to 1947 Doctor Josef Gruss, a Czech IOC member is the first icon man of the Worlds Olympic Day in Stockholm that year at 41st section after few days that project moved at 42nd session in St Moritz in Jan 1948. So then The national Olympic Committee (IOC) invested in it and organize a big event which was launched at Sorbonne, Paris on 23 June 1894.

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First, Olympic participated in countries Portugal, Greece, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Sigfrid Edström.

  • Take About Previous Olympic Day Calibrations

From the last Many years peoples have organized Olympic Day in whole the world. Many of the National Olympic Committees (NOC’s) taken place in it in 1987 and promoting these mass sports activities.

Last year in 2019 more the 75,000peoples and more than 50,000 children took part in Olympic Day races across the Czech Republic.

But unfortunately in 2020 some restrictions on large gatherings so it would be decided to run online. So check it for races online you can join and enjoy with family.

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  • Now let come discuss what you do In Olympic day on 23 June 2020

Olympic day on 23 June 2020 fans all over the globe get active in whole the world for a 24-hour digital Olympic day. Olympic Day workout video will be going on the live telecast, athletes from around the world will lead live at 11 am. You can live on @olympics Instagram live.

The whole world will be getting ready to take part in #OlympicDay. Since the Covid-19 all world crossed and running on lockdown mode. So 243 million people would be online across the world #StayStrong, #StayActive, #StayHealthy campaign sharing their daily workouts.

This year Celebrating Olympic day might be feeling very different from all over the past years Olympics, on this time our message spread the power of sport to bring the energy and hopes said by IOC president Thomas Bach. Make and enjoy the fun with us to build and create a worldwide power.

So this all process will be mobilized to join the online activities on 23rd June 2020 for Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022, Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and Milano-Cortina 2026, by the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), in this all broadcasters and right holders taking place in this platform for example- Worldwide Olympic partners Coca-Cola, Samsung, and many more hosting workout sessions.

  • Here follow all the action throughout the day 24 hours on 23 June:

Live workouts on @olympics Instagram at 11 a.m. in native different time zones all over the world.

Go Live Click on this: Digital Olympic Day 2020

Everybody knows and facing the same situation right now. So Sir Thomas Bach adding the speech and trying to exposing the value of sports, our sharing about sports increase the friendship, respect, and many more other things.

Moreover, The motive for this is #stayactive stay safe stay healthy be strong so in this wonderful moment, I wish you will get more happiness.

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