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World Zoonoses Day 2020

World Zoonoses Day is held every year on 6th July to announce the official achievement of the first vaccine against Zoonotic diseases. Zoonoses are a danger and infectious diseases created by the tiny virus, bacteria and parasites increase and spread animals to humans.

I was back to begin July 6th, 1885 when Louis Pasteur launched the vaccine of rabies disease. it was a Zoonotic disease. Read More- Guru Purnima 2020: How Celebrated In COVID19?

These diseases may grow from contact with animals, infected patients, viruses, reptiles, insects, and other domestic animals and birds like cats, rats, and camel. One very common way to spread these diseases due to biting mosquito on the body.

Aim of Zoonotic Day

The main goal of observing this is to announce the right information and how to tackle these diseases and measurements. No One is responsible for these pandemics so prevention and great sound of past preventive measures.

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What will be happened on Zoonoses Day 2020?

Monday 6th July 2020 observed as a World Zoonoses Day 2020. This year the 150 partners of the One Health poultry Hub have discussed taking a two-minute silence mode of private reflection for them who are known or unknown and those who are suffering this tough condition and covered under zoonotic disease. Same as COVID19, affecting millions of communities across the world. it may take place at noon local time.

Why Chosen July 6th, 2020?

As we read earlier, Louis Pasteur successfully got positive achievements in 1885, While a founded vaccine against the rabies virus. That was also a deadly zoonotic disease. Louis who is a chemist from France, and built many records and discoveries for vaccinations.

This is year is under health crisis like as a global pandemic and world attention stained on vaccination

IDS is discussing and needs to developing social science matters and expertise in exploring zoonotic disease information.

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